Hermit Crab

Beach House
Rockaway Beach, OR
8 miles south of Manzanita
From Portland International Airport to Rockaway Beach:

Hwy 101 to Entrance of Nedonna Beach then to the Hermit Crab:

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Head northwest on NE Airport Way


Slight left toward Long-Term Parking


Turn left toward NE Airport Way

0.2 mi

Slight right toward Freeway/NE 82nd

0.1 mi

Slight left at NE Airport Way

1.7 mi

Merge onto I-205 S/Veterans Memorial Hwy via the I-84/I-205 S ramp to Portland/Salem

3.1 mi

Merge onto I-84 W/US-30 W via exit 21B to Portland

5.4 mi

Take the I-5 S exit to Beaverton/Salem, keep following signs

0.4 mi

Merge onto I-5 S

1.1 mi

Merge onto I-405 N via the I-405/US-26 exit to City Center/Beaverton

1.0 mi

Take the US-26 W exit 1D to Beaverton, keep following signs

0.5 mi

Merge onto US-26 W

20.2 mi

Slight left at OR-6 W toward Banks/Tillamook/Forest Grove

51.2 mi

Turn right at US-101

1.9 mi

Head north on US-101 toward Suppress Rd N

14.7 mi

Turn left at Nedonna Beach Rd (At Manhatten Beach Road Sign)

417 ft

Turn right at Nedonna Ave

0.2 mi

Turn right at Sunset St

~207 ft